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This or That.

So I'm actually in love with these, legitimately. So...

Blush or bronzer? Blush. I'm whiter than whipped cream so it looks weird if I put on bronzer.
Lip gloss or lipstick? Gloss - not as harsh.
Eye liner or mascara? Mascara.
Foundation or concealer? Concealer - I don't wear foundation.
Neutral or colored eye shadow? Neutral - Too faced natural eye palette :)
Pressed or loose eye shadows? Pressed.
Brushes or sponges? Brushes, but I use sponges for concealer.

OPI or China Glaze? I have a lot more OPI but China Glaze is just as good.
Long or short? Short.
Acrylic or natural? Natural - I've never been allowed to wear acrylic haha.
Brights or darks? Bright.
Flower or no flower? None - simple. :)

Perfume or body splash? Perfume - I'm in love with Ed Hardy at the moment.
Lotion or body butter? Lotion.
Body wash or soap? Body wash if it smells good but I really like Rockstar from Lush as a soap.
Lush or other bath company? Lush :)

Jeans or sweatpants? Jeans all the way. Bought my first ever pair of sweats... 3 days ago?
Long sleeve or short?  Long sleeve because then I can roll it up to my elbows.
Dresses or skirts? Dresses - though I don't wear them much.
Stripes or plaid? Plaid - I highland dance and was born to live in plaid kilts.
Flip flops or sandals? Sandals.
Scarves or hats? Scarves.
Studs or dangly earrings? Studs. Cheaper and classy.
Necklaces or bracelets? Bracelets... Necklaces... Bracelaces... Necklets... Both.
Heels or flats? Flats - I'm 5'10 and heels make me over 6 feet most of the time.
Cowboy boots or riding boots? Riding boots.
Jacket or hoodie? Jackets. I can't rock hoodies.
Forever21 or Charlotte Russe? Forever21 - I like the jewelry.
Abercrombie or Hollister? If I had to pick, Hollister.
Saks 5th or Nordstrom?  Never been to either.

Curly or straight? Straight all the time, but I prefer curly.
Bun or ponytail? Ponytails cause I can't do buns to save my life.
Bobby pins or butterfly clips? Bobby pins.
Hair spray or gel? Spray... though I use both for dance competitions...
Long or short? Long.
Light or dark? I have blonde hair... but both are equally nice.
Up or down? Down, for me.

Rain or shine? Rain smells good but shine tans... Both. Not at the same time though.
Summer or winter? Winter = birthday and Christmas. Summer = me tanned enough that I don't blind people... Both.
Fall or spring?  Spring.
Chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla.
East coast or west coast? Er... Canada? Cause then East. Vancouver. Yeah.

I tag y'all to do this :) 'Tis much fun.


My Pretty Little Nails.

I was just giving myself a manicure and I thought maybe I'd do a blog post about my current must have nail items. There's quite a few, so be prepared.

There are 3 basic steps if you want a nice looking manicure.
1.) Apply a base coat.
2.) Apply 2-4 coats of your choice of polish.
3.) Apply a top coat. This can be the same as your base coat, or different.

For me, my favorite products include:

Witchcraft Nail Whitener.

So, for St. Patrick's day I did something really stupid - without a base coat, I applied about 5 coats of bright green nail polish and didn't bother to take the stuff off for weeks. After taking it off, I was astounded to find my nails had been dyed - bright yellow. While nail polish covers it up, I'd like to have natural nails once in a while, so I picked this stuff up hoping it would take away the yellow. It didn't exactly whiten, but has been working quite well as a base coat. I got it from the drug store and I can't exactly remember how much it was but it wasn't expensive - though I wouldn't recommend this product. Just get a base coat.

Revlon Top Speed Nail Enamel in 320, Jaded.

My new favorite nail polish -  a perfect combination of minty green and teal. I'm definitely in love. The consistency is very nice and doesn't chip very easily when applied properly. The polish itself is also quite cheap (drug-store cheap). The brush for applying is also really nice, in my opinion.

Revlon No-Smudge Dry Oil.

I sometimes have those issues where I think my nails are dry so I'll touch them and leave fingerprints in my polish. It's rather upsetting. Though this doesn't prevent the gooping or stretching of the polish on your nails, it will make them dry to the touch within seconds, and can be applied to a wet nail. A very cheap product at about $4, this is definitely worth it to avoid those darn prints.

OPI Top Coat.

I'm not really picky about top coats... This one is just the only one I own.

Mani Station Lotion.

This is probably my favorite hand lotion. Ever. It comes out of the tube bright green, which might seem repulsive but the product itself  is so good that the colour is completely forgotten. I can't exactly describe the scent of this product but on the front it says "lemon, lime, orange" and then "antioxidant treatment". Though the smell isn't exactly citrusy, it is amazingly fruity and fresh, but not too much. The product's consistency is fairly thin, but when applied and rubbed in it absorbs absolutely amazingly into the skin. I'm a huge fan of it, and though it is kind of expensive (no more then $20, available at Chatters) it is an amazing product.


My finished nails (sorry, terrible macbook photo quality).

For those of you reading... Favorite nail polish colour for spring? Mine's this one.

Feathers... In Your Hair.

See, I never thought I'd end up liking this sort of thing. But it's actually really cool. Like if you just get a couple feathers and put them by your ear, underneath all your hair... You get a little pop of colour. I don't know, but I think I'm kind of leaning towards wanting to get some. You can get them from Birchbox for $39, by the brand Fine Featherheads.


You can also get them from the Fine Feather Heads website (here), but for way more expensive - $100. I think I prefer the Birchbox pricing.

If you're reading this, what do you think? Would you consider feather hair extensions?

Flawless Skin.

So, I don't have it. Flawless skin. I get zits. :'( But I work towards finding lightweight products that still have good coverage - and I think I found some that work for me.

If I were to do a foundation routine, I would start off with my moisturizer and then skip the primer. Next I'd apply a foundation or tinted moisturizer - Maybelline Mineral Power Healthy Perfection Liquid Foundation in the shade 1, Light.

This foundation is positively amazing. The shade I have matches my skin tone perfectly, and when applied with a damp sponge it looks natural but still flawless. You only require a small, pea-sized amount to cover your entire face, and one coat will definitely tone down any blemishes or redness. When I applied two coats to my face I was astounded at how amazing my skin looked, but I don't want to waste this product so I typically only apply a single coat. Priced at about $8, this is a total steal. I would definitely recommend checking out this foundation.

Next I would apply a concealer underneath my eyes and on any visible blemishes. I use the Maybelline FIT me! Concealer in the shade 15, Fair.

This concealer surprised me when I first used it. Upon first glance it seems like a typical concealer, one that you can get from the drug store at a cheap price and that kind of covers up your blemishes but can look cakey or sheer. However, upon further inspection it comes out of the tube by way of a doe-foot applicator and applies with a very thin consistency. When rubbed in, it thickens up and covers blemishes amazingly. I am surprisingly in love with this concealer now, and it isn't very expensive (I don't know the exact price, however). This concealer is what has made me want to try the entire line of FIT me! products.

Lastly, I set everything with a mattifying pressed powder. I'm thinking if I do end up trying the rest of the FIT me! line, I will end up getting the powder (shown above). However, I'm currently working on my Sexy Mama Anti-Shine Translucent Powder by the Balm. 

I'm a big fan of this powder and hit pan on it long ago. If you are someone who gets a lot of shine on their face, this is an amazing option. It reduces shine and it sets any concealers, foundations, or otherwise. I love it because it doesn't make one look cakey or powdery, but still helps to make me feel like my foundation is set and stuck on my face. It's my most expensive product at around $20 but it's definitely worth it.

So that's my foundation routine in a nutshell... If you're reading this, what's your favorite foundation?

All of these products are available at Shoppers Drug Mart. The Balm products are also available at Sephora.


So, not gonna lie. I'm an online shopping whore. I have so many various sites bookmarked so I can check for deals and such. Possibly my favorite store to check out is Sephora - they change up the main page every so often so there are new deals and new products featured. If I could pick just a few, they would be:

A NARS blush in Orgasm - The packaging of NARS products is so amazing and enticing that this has to be included on the list. Priced at $27, it's definitely not cheap but totally worth it - Orgasm, their most sought-out colour, is a gorgeous shimmery peach colour and I can only imagine how amazing it looks on the cheeks. The price, however... It's a bit of a turn off, which is why I'm not including Deep-Throat (another shimmery peach colour, though a tad lighter than Orgasm) on the list.

A SEPHORA COLLECTION Professionnel Rounded Crease Brush #13 - Crease brush. 'Nuff said. Though I might say more. Priced at $17, this is definitely a good alternative to a MAC... 217? Or 227? I can't really remember. Anyways, it's pretty much a steal and definitely an important brush to have (don't know why I don't already have one).

An Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Electric and Ransom - Electric is a bright blue colour and Ransom is a gorgeous bright purple. Both would be great for a nice colour pop combined with a neutral eye. Also, at $18 you can't go wrong - I've tested the 24/7 eye pencil in Zero and was so amazed at the creamy texture, how easily it glided on, and it's staying power. The name of the product is certainly a proper one.

Three Sephora by OPI nail polishes - Leotard Optional, Break a Leg-Warmer! and A-ha! Moment - Leotard optional, the perfect nude. Break a Leg-Warmer, a gorgeous grey. A-ha! Moment, a solid, opaque white. All 3 staples in any nail polish collection. $9.50 each (as far as I know).

And a 1 oz bottle of Miss Dior Cherie. This is the most amazing scent ever. Upon receiving my second issue of Glow magazine, a free subscription for Shoppers Optimum members, I read through it and came across a perfume ad for this lovely scent. Being the person that I am, I had to smell it and fell in love immediately. It's the perfect combination of a mature scent and a light, floral, fruity scent. I have one card from Shoppers sprayed with the stuff and I can't stop picking up the card and smelling it - this is the most amazing perfume, ever. Period. At $60, it isn't cheap, but it sure is worth it.

So, after reading this long post, if I have any readers, what is/are your dream item(s) from Sephora? Thanks for reading.


Welcome To My Blog.

Hello to anyone who might have stumbled upon this blog -

My blog is one centered around beauty, fashion, skincare, and otherwise. I've been trying to do a variety of posts like tags, tips, and nail of the days. I'm also doing different segments like modelling tips and skincare tips as well.

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my blog, and leave yours down below linked so I can take a look too!

If you're interested, read on. There will be more posts to come.

Au revoir, reader.