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Review: Clinique Gel Blush in "Black Honey"

Second post of the day! I'd like to review for you all a blush that is a little bit different and a little bit out there. It's a gel blush, which is a particular type of blush that MAC carries. However, the MAC gel blushes are actually in a pot and are more of a solid consistency, where as this blush I am about to show you is very much a liquid.

This particular blush is by Clinique and it's part of their "Black Honey" line. These are very, very dark colours in their packaging and are incredibly sheer when you apply them - like the Almost Lipstick that many people rave about. The packaging is alright - it's just held in a small plastic tube that you squeeze out the product from.

So initially when applied to the back of your hand it's an incredibly intimidating colour. It's a deep plum shade that almost looks black when it's this opaque. 

However, once the colour is blended out (and a little goes a long way!) it's quite pretty. It's not exactly a blush colour I would typically go for, but it looks even better when applied on the cheeks. 

The colour is a sort of purple-pink, but it's very muted and deep. One other thing I did want to mention with this blush is though you have to be very quick to work with it before it dries, once it does dry it does not budge, and that is something quite important in a blush. The staying power, therefore, is pretty good compared to a powder blush.

What do you think? Would you wear a blush this colour?


  1. That is a gorgeous blush color, it might be too dark for my skin tone but definitely pretty.


    1. Actually, I have super fair skin (like, the Revlon foundation I wear is in the shade "Ivory") and it works on me!

  2. hey! I just thought that I would mention that your font is kinda small and faint to read :)

    1. Thanks for letting me know! I'll change it right now :)


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