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Nail of the Day - 02/05/12

Hooray, another nail of the day post! I love doing these because they're quick, easy, and fun to write up.

So today I have for you all a polish that is a little bit different than the ones I'd been wearing earlier. This is China Glaze's "Flyin' High", and it's a beautiful, creamy, blue-turquoise colour. In the bottle, the polish looks a bit more like a sky blue, but it's a little more green-toned once applied.

As for how it applies, this is ONE COAT. That's it. I love this polish because it's just thick enough to cover your nail with a nice, opaque finish, but it's not so thick that it's streaky and difficult to work with.

China Glaze's "Flyin' High", one coat

In all, this is an amazing polish. What do you think? Would you wear bright blues like this in the winter?

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