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Quick Tip: Get Rid of Static

So today I've got a really quick tip for everyone out there who has really static-y hair. I'm definitely one of those people who has pretty fine hair, so it's constantly frizzy and full of static. This gets particularly bad in the winter when it's quite dry.

My tip for all of you suffering from extreme static is to carry around a dryer sheet in your bag. Yes - a dryer sheet. When you put these in the dryer, they remove static from your clothes so that you don't have to deal with static in that regard. When used on your hair, it's the same idea - they just remove any static so your hair sits flat again.

I just recommend pulling it out every so often and running it through your hair. You might get a few weird looks, but it works really well!

So that's my tip :) for those reading, what do you do to get rid of static?

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