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Forever21, American Eagle, Garage and Sephora Haul

I was doing some online shopping and I actually purchased something this time - which basically never happens. I also went to a couple of stores recently, so...

Starting with Forever21. The first thing I got was just a plain v-neck tee, in this really gorgeous colour.

It's quite soft and has long sleeves considering it's a short sleeve tee, which is a major selling point for me. The only negative thing I could say about this is the neckline of it dips down quite a bit lower than I would like, but for $5 (give or take), it's a steal.

The next thing I got were these cuffed denim shorts.

These were the most expensive item I got from Forever21 - not saying much, since they were $12.80. I was worried that they wouldn't fit (the sizing was different than what I am used to) but they are super stretchy and fit perfectly.

The last thing I got from here was an eyelash curler.

I can't say much about this product - I got it for $1.80, which explains it's quality. However, for a first eyelash curler, I don't think that matters too much. For anyone reading this - any tips to help me curl my lashes? Much appreciated.

The next place I went to was Sephora, to pick up just one thing.

I'd been wanting the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil in Electric for quite some time and I finally picked it up. It wasn't cheap at $22 but the quality of it is absolutely amazing and the colour is gorgeous. Swatches to come.

Next I went to Garage - a Canadian clothing store. The first thing I got was actually a bathing suit that I'm really fond of.

In total this bathing suit was about $40, which is a total steal. The top is a bandeau type top that twists in the center. It has a bit of padding which is good for those who are small chested (namely, me). I love the nautical theme of this bathing suit, and the fact that it has removable straps is also a plus. To balance out the stripey top, I went with a solid navy bottom that matches the navy in the top. It has keyhole sides and ties, which is a really nice added detail. All in all I'm really liking this bathing suit.

The last thing I got from there was a really cute pair of shorts.

I think with a nice white tank top these would look amazing - a gorgeous plaid print and they have a removable tie around the waist. These were $20, because they were on sale.

And, lastly, American Eagle. I'd been looking for one particular pair of skinny jeans in stores but they never had them in my size (jeans come in short, regular, and long, and these jeans weren't stocked in the long size). At 5'10 I can't wear even the regular size because I'm so tall, so I basically gave up on finding these jeans. However, when looking at the American Eagle website recently I was amazed to find that online, they are stocked in my exact size. Immediately upon seeing this I ordered them and anxiously awaited my package in the days that followed.

I've been wanting a pair of distressed jeans for quite a while but never got the opportunity until now. These jeans fit perfectly and, like all American Eagle jeans, are fairly soft and stretchy. They were the most expensive jeans I have ever purchased from this store, coming in at $50, but I don't regret a thing. No words can express my happiness upon finding my distressed jeans :)

Hope you all enjoyed this haul, and comment below if you have requests or want to see more of any certain blog posts. Thanks for reading. :)

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