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Makeup Collection and Storage!

 I love watching and reading makeup collection videos and posts so I thought I would do one of my own! I don't have a lot of makeup but it's enough for me.

My makeup is situated on my desk so I can sit down to do it, and I also do my homework here too. I keep it all in this 9-drawer wooden storage case that is available at IKEA. In this case, the green drawers contain office supplies, and the yellow drawers contain makeup products. My mom actually painted these double-sided so I could switch around the drawers to mix up the colours, and I like the way I could use that to my advantage. The plastic bins that you will see later in this post are available at Wal-Mart or dollar stores.  

Off to the side here, you can see I keep my brush holder, my eyeliners, my sunscreen, face lotion and my MAC quad (just because I've been using it often. To see the blog post on that, click here). 

I have a post on how to make this brush holder, so to see that, click here.

I keep my eyeliners in this little ice cream cup that I painted a while ago, and I used some of the little plastic beads from my brush holder to stand them upright.

In this first drawer, I have complexion products. I have a few concealers, one foundation, one tinted moisturizer, one BB cream, a powder and a couple of highlighters.

In the second drawer I have blushes and bronzers, as well as a random Annabelle eyeshadow quad that I have no use for. I've got quite a wide variety of blushes and one sad, lonely little LORAC bronzer.

The third drawer contains eye products. This is a super full drawer, but as you can probably see I have one mascara, a few primers, some cream eyeshadows, some singles, two pigments and a few palettes. I also have one gel eyeliner in here.

My last drawer is my palettes drawer, which is fairly empty - in here, I just have my Urban Decay Naked 2 and my Too Faced Natural Eye palettes.

Off to the side I keep two white baskets with my lip products as well as my eyelash curler and my mini brow kit. In one basket I have lip balms and glosses, and in the other I have lip sticks and my Avon lip product samples. If anyone would like to see this collection in detail, I can do a post on that, but there are quite a few products in here so I thought I'd just do a brief overview.

The rest of my beauty products (i.e. skincare, samples, perfume, etc.) are located either in my dresser or my bathroom - so this is my full makeup collection! For those reading, do you have a makeup collection video/blog post? If so, leave it down below! I'd love to see it :)


  1. I found you on elle and blair... I am following you! please come check out my blog if you have the time http://foxxybeauty.blogspot.com!

    You have some great products in your collection! and I absolutely LOVE the ice cream cone holder... super cute! :)

    1. I'll for sure check it out! Thanks a lot :) xx


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