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OPI Spiderman Collection!

I wanted to do a quick post sharing something that excites me so much - a SPIDERMAN collection released from OPI! 

The colours, as portrayed in the below picture, from left to right, are:

Number One Nemesis
Call Me Gwen-ever
Just Spotted the Lizard
My Boyfriend Scales Walls
Shatter the Scales (Shatter Topcoat)
Your Web Or Mine?
Into The Night

I'm most interested in Just Spotted The Lizard (pictured below). I've heard it's an EXACT dupe for Chanel's Peridot, and is much cheaper. I'm also interested in Call Me Gwen-ever.

I must say, this collection looks really cool. For more in depth swatches and real-life photos, check out Scrangie's blog post here (it's one of the best I've found. She compares Chanel Peridot and the new OPI polish there!). One thing that I think everyone has noticed, however, is how random the colour selection is. There seems to be no order to the selection.

Never the less, there are some pretty cool colours in here. I'll definitely be checking out these polishes when they hit stores later this month.

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