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Update/Where I've Been/New Blog

Just a quick little post to update where I've been, for those that might be wondering. I am in university now, and I'm crazy busy! Between moving, getting situated in my room and keeping up with class, I've been quite occupied at the moment. I've also had some major issues trying to get pictures up in my posts because something was/is wrong with my blogger iphone app :( I can try to take pictures in other ways, but I can't guarantee anything.

All this being said, I have created a new blog to document my adventures in university, and the url is whiteblankpaper.wordpress.com. I highly recommend checking it out at the very least, because I'm posting about once or twice a week and I think it's a pretty interesting read (though I'm a little biased). Wordpress is also a great site for blogs.

But I am, for the most part, back now! Leave any requests in the comments, but know that I'm sort of unable to buy any new products as of right now so reviews are sort of out of the question.

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