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Week in Pictures!

It's that time again! I've been instagram-ing like a crazy person so follow me if you like - my username is "gilliannew"!

I seem to always have something to do with music in these posts - but this is my grade ten sonata that I've been working on, and a cup of my favorite tea :)

Drinks at Boston Pizza.

My Harry Potter 3 book - I felt the need to take a picture of it this week :)


The most amazing pasta from Boston Pizza.

And a picture I found on StumbleUpon - it's now my iPhone background, it's so beautiful.


  1. aww, i love looking at other peoples' instagram photos -- waht instrument do you play? for SO many years i was in orchestra, and i got really good at playing the viola. i totally regret quitting, but sometimes i pull out my old viola and play it :) so many good memories :)


    1. I play the flute! Oh I totally understand, I couldn't handle quitting I don't think! I love band and orchestra! :)


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