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Haul - MAC, Lush, OPI, and more!

Sorry I've been MIA recently - I had my last final exam yesterday and I thought I'd catch up on my blog posts!

As the title suggests, I've got a collective haul from the past few weeks I thought I would share! This blog post has actually been sitting in my drafts for quite a while, so some items might have already been mentioned in past blog posts.

First, I got this shirt from Banana Republic. It is a navy blue colour with a looser neckline and gorgeous white crochet detailing on the back.

I also needed some makeup wipes, so my mom and I got a set of two packs of 54 wipes from Balea. This was only $12 or $13, which is an amazing deal. These are actually my very favorite makeup wipes - they're super cheap but work amazingly!

I also got the Lush No Drought dry shampoo, which I talked about in my May Favorites blog post (here!). I love this - it was definitely worth the $12 I spent.

My mom and I also each bought an OPI nail polish at a beauty supply store, so we received this hand cream for free. I honestly don't particularly like this very much - the smell isn't great and it's not very moisturizing. However, it was free, and I'll still use it!

The nail polish that I picked up I already featured in a blog post (here) - it is "Just Spotted the Lizard" from the OPI Spiderman collection. For a review and pictures of this polish, check out the blog post!

I went to MAC as well, and I picked up their eyeshadow in Omega, which is a beautiful matte light brown. I love these colours for in my crease when paired with an eyeshadow like Stila's Kitten. This is a dupe for Two Faced's Velvet Revolver from the Natural Eye palette, and I wanted to have an eyeshadow of this colour in pan form. I thought I could also use it for my eyebrows as well.

The other thing that I got from MAC was a Mineralize Skinfinish in Lightscapade - I tried Soft and Gentle and found that this one worked much better on my fair skintone. This is a gorgeous, slightly shimmery white colour and I love it as a highlight!

My friend also gave me this amazing necklace that she made - it consists of a small "&" symbol, which I love, and a little pink/brown acrylic leaf. I love the simplicity of this necklace :)

And, lastly, I found a small box of Lego hanging around my house and made this Harry Potter sorting hat set. I thought it was cute to include!

That concludes my haul! What has been your favorite purchase of late?

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