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DIY Inexpensive Brush Holder.

I wanted to share a little tip I have about brush holders - and how I saved a little money making mine. I haven't actually seen anyone who did this like I did, so I thought I'd share my way today!

One of the most popular ways to hold brushes is the "Sephora-esque way" - having your brushes standing straight up in a container filled with clear plastic beads. This is how I did mine.

You're going to need:

1.) Brushes

2.) A small package of clear plastic beads (available at Michael's craft stores)

3.) A Slatkin & Co. 3 Wick Candle (preferably empty, and available at Bath and Body Works)

1.) Finish your candle. I already had mine and I finished it up, and this was when I realized I could use it to hold my brushes. Clean it out using hot water, but make sure to scrape out the left-over candle and throw it out! If you pour the leftover hot wax down the sink, it will solidify and clog your drains.

2.) Fill with the beads. I found one package was the perfect amount to fill the container.

3.) Put your brushes in! I find that this holder fits just enough brushes for me, since I have very few. If you had a larger brush collection, you might need two or three candles.

I love the way this looks on my vanity. I just turned the holder so that the candle label was facing the wall, and it's a simple yet elegant storage method for my brushes! If you already have any sort of candle (Yankee candles would work also, as well as the single wick candles from BBW) then you can do this for a very low cost - you just have to pay for the beads. 

Of course, candles can get pretty pricey - the Slatkin & Co. three wicks retail for about $20 per when you don't get them on sale - but as I said above, if you already had a candle, then this is a good way to make use of the container as well.

Thanks so much for reading! How do you store your brushes?


  1. great DIY :) now following :)

  2. Good Idea! I have them in normal plastic jars but I may do this brush holder :)


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