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Update: Why I've Been Away.

I thought I would quickly explain just how much I've been up to as well as share a few pictures I happened to have on my phone from my travels :)

I regret not blogging at all for so long, because I love it a lot. Last night I realized just how neglected this blog was, so I revamped it a little - new URL, new name, new banner... But I do feel I should share where I've been.

In addition to my normal school workload, I've taken on quite a few other projects. I'm in the pit band for the spring musical at my school (Beauty and the Beast), I started taking flute lessons and have been practicing like there's no tomorrow, and I've had a few photoshoots along the way. :)

A week ago I took a short trip to Victoria to check out the university -a lot of the pictures included are from that. I've also been busy eating, spending time with my family, and reading (which I haven't done in a while).

I'm glad to be back! I definitely missed blogging and I got my break, so look forward to lots more posts to come.

Tea, my flute, and music - a good night.

Desserts at the Empress Hotel in Victoria, BC (YUM).

Four different kinds of meringues. 

Tea at the Empress Hotel in Victoria, BC.

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