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Quick Tip: Where I buy my jeans

I thought I'd quickly mention this topic, because I know that I have a lot of trouble finding jeans to fit me. Being 5'11 and a size 2-4, most jeans are much too short for me - I find that most places like Garage and Forever21 don't carry a wide enough range of sizes to fit all body types. While they carry plenty of different waist sizes, the length doesn't vary much.

This is especially troublesome in the area of coloured jeans, which I would love to get my hands on, but no one carries long enough sizes for someone as tall as me.

If you are on one of the extreme sides of height, and you're either quite tall or quite short, I would recommend taking a look in American Eagle for jeans. In most washes each size comes in a short, regular and long, and on the website an x-long size is available (something I'm definitely looking into). My only issue is that the coloured denim available in American Eagle, while great quality, is only available in the "regular" length in store. If you're looking for any other length, one would have to look online.

I definitely recommend these jeans to anyone. They're comfortable, come in a wide range of styles and washes, and are pretty affordable (compared to Hollister or 7 For All Mankind).

Where's your favorite place to get jeans?


This is not a sponsored post by any means. I just wanted to share my preferences for those who are looking for longer or shorter jeans and don't know where to go. :)

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