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Collective Haul!

I've been doing these haul posts a lot lately but I got a few more things over the last month that I'm really excited about, so I thought I'd share them with you!

Starting off with jewelry, I got this long silver locket from Forever 21 for $6.80, I believe. I love how it actually opens, and I am a big fan of long, pendant-style necklaces so this was a good buy for me.

I also got this large owl necklace from Claire's, and it was around $14. It has a gold chain and black and white detailing on the body.

Lastly, I purchased this bracelet from a small boutique near where I work. I saw it and realized it seemed to be quite similar to the bracelets available from Bauble Bar, and for the $18 price tag, I thought it was a pretty good deal. I love how it is rose gold, as well.

Moving into beauty, I picked up this mini sized body mist from Victoria's Secret. I love this scent in the perfume version but couldn't justify paying $50 on it, so I just bought the $10 body mist. This is an amazing fruity scent that reminds me a lot of Someday by Justin Bieber (I just like the perfume. I promise!).

I also got a new deodorant. (you probably didn't need to know that, but oh well.)

And lastly, I got this lipgloss from butter London in Trout Pout. Now before you realize I'm on Project Pan and think I cheated, I actually got this for free using my Glymm box points. Therefore, I'm telling myself it doesn't count.

This is a beautiful peachy-pink colour. I'm thinking about doing a review on this in a separate blog post.

Moving on into accessories, I first got this scarf from American Eagle. I work there, so I did get it at a discount. It's a loop scarf with a small floral print across it, and I love the colour scheme. 

I also got this bag at Aldo Accessories. I have very few purses (this is actually my second) and I've been wanting a cross-body bag for quite a long time. I saw this one and I love the floral print on it, as well as the colour of the "leather". Best of all, it was only $35.

I purchased one pair of shoes, and they are these boots from Spring. I think they're gorgeous, with the cut-outs and the way that they were made. Initially, I believe these were $70-80. They were then marked down to $50, and somehow I got them for $35. 

I'm also going to quickly run through some clothes that I purchased from American Eagle. I first got this shirt online (that's why it is so wrinkled) and I had been wanting it for a very long time. I love the open-knit style of this henley tee and it's totally my style. 

I also got these pants online, and I believe they are called the Skinny Trouser. I got them in a khaki colour so I could wear them to work at Starbucks :) 

(On a side note, I'm 5'11 and was itching to try the x-long length, so I did. It turns out they're too long for me and once I got over the shock of having pants that were TOO LONG, I realized I'd have to cuff them or hem them. Oops.)

In the store, there was a deal going on for certain employees to get a pair of jeans for $10, so I got this pair. I had been needing new denim since I have holes wearing through in some of my older ones, so these were a good buy.

Lastly for clothing, I got this denim shirt. Just like everything else, I'd wanted this for a while and decided to finally get it (with my discount). I have one in a darker colour but I like the lighter one a little bit more, I think.

As for one random thing, I got my markout from Starbucks for last week (which is a free item, basically.) I chose to get a box of the Orange Blossom Tazo tea, and I quite like it, actually.

That's my looooong haul! Thanks for sticking through to the very end and make sure to follow my blog if you enjoyed!


  1. Great haul! Love the locket, I've been looking for a locket for ages but I haven't found the perfect one yet...


    1. Thank you! You should take a look at Etsy, I feel like they'd have quite a lot of variety in that department :)

  2. I love that owl necklace. I got the exact same one from ebay for like $3.


    1. So I wasted $11? Hahaha fantastic!

  3. I bought the same American Eagle henley in grey! It's so comfy!

  4. That bracelet is so pretty!
    Help me get to 15 followers!(:

  5. hey nice haulll....I am smita from


    i am following u...u can follow me back if u want...hope u too show love back


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