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How to - My Steps to the Perfect Pedicure!

I've had this blog post in the works for quite a while because I haven't gotten around to finishing it, so finally, here are my tips to really pampering your feet!

1.) Take off any nail polish! I've been trying out butter London's Powder Room nail polish remover and am thinking about doing a review on it. Use whatever nail polish remover you prefer!

2.) Moisturize. Give your feet some TLC - I like to use Principessa beauty's Pretty Piede foot balm and massage the arches of my feet really well. Not only is it relaxing, but it feels great and makes your feet and hands smell lovely.

3.) Cuticle oil. This is an extra step I like to take for a little bit more moisture. This is the Q.Tickles Scented Botanical Cuticle Oil in the rose scent. You can see the bottle actually contains rose petals - part of what makes it feel so luxurious.

4.) Anything else you might want to do before polish - filing, clipping, anything. I would do that sort of grooming now.

5.) Start with a separator. I know these look and feel pretty stupid, but toe separators are actually very useful. If you find you have a hard time getting every toenail properly painted, this is a tool that will make everything a whole lot easier.

6.) Base coat. I always use a base coat to protect my nails from yellowing, and this one (Sally Hansen's Insta-Brite) is great because not only is it a base coat, but it actually is supposed to whiten the nails as well.

7.) Polish. I like to pick a nice natural colour that doesn't attract a lot of attention, because then I don't have to take it off as early on. (I'm not sure if that makes sense.... but if you have a bright neon pink on your nails and it chips, it's going to be more noticeable than a nude). I used butter London's Yummy Mummy, a nude with subtle shimmer.

So that's it! What is your top tip for tip top toenails? ;)


  1. I like to use a mint foot gel too, so soothing on the feet!

  2. I really loving giving myself a pedicure, these are all great tips!

  3. Soaking my feet in the bath even if it's just for a few minutes it's so relaxing! It's like a mini bath haha x

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  4. all the products seem necessary! have to check them out!

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