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July Favorites!

Seeing as it's August now, may I present my July favorites! I have a pretty wide variety this month and I'm very pleased with all of them.

1.) The Body Shop Body Butter in Satsuma

I've been loving using this on my arms to help with the bumps that I get. It's incredibly moisturizing and smells amazing, like oranges. My love for this particular product has made me really want to go out and try more of The Body Shop's body creams!

2.) Victoria's Secret body spay in "Sexy Little Things Noir Tease"

Even though the name is a bit of a marathon, I love this fragrance. I featured it in a haul recently and have been loving it instead of perfume. It's light but still smells amazing, and I would definitely recommend checking it out.

3.) T&M Hair Perfume in "Social Butterfly"

This is an amazing product. I received it in my Glymm box this month and love the scent - it smells like vanilla and coconut, with a little bit of musk. It lasts forever when sprayed in hair and is a very cool product.

4.) Essie polish in Ballet Slippers

This is my new favorite nail polish. I bought it for a very frugal reason (Emily from the Bachelorette said she liked it.... Don't judge) but as it turns out it is phenomenal. This polish is opaque in just two coats, which can't be said for most light pinks. I love how finished it looks on the nails as well. Keep a look out for a nail of the day post on this soon!

5.)  OXY Triple Action Medicated Acne Pads

I got these from my mom because she happened to have them and gave them to me when my skin was acting up. I've been loving how they really clean my skin well and I'm positive they have significantly reduced the amount of blemishes on my skin while I've been using them.

6.) Makeup Forever Mist and Fix
Since it's been so hot where I live, this is amazing just to cool off and revamp my makeup. It's also amazing to spray on after applying powder to avoid cakey-ness, and it sets my makeup very well so it lasts all day.

7.) Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream in Light/Medium

I did a whole review on this product in a past blog post (link here), so I won't say too much. However, this gives me a bit of colour, smells amazing, and has a decent amount of coverage. I truly love this product.

8.) My brow routine: MAC "Omega" eyeshadow or Two Faced "Velvet Revolver" eyeshadow, Tweezerman Browmousse gel, Two Faced brush from the Natural Eye palette

I've been loving this combination of products for my brow routine lately. The brush is amazing and thin so the powder looks natural, and these shades of eyeshadow suit my hair colour perfectly. The gel is also very good, particularly because it doesn't get crunchy or visible.

9.) Highlighting routine: Hana K. brush and MAC Mineralized Skinfinish in "Lightscapade"

I love this highlighter because it isn't shimmery or glittery, but rather leaves an amazing glowy sheen on the skin that looks incredibly natural. I used to apply it with a fan brush but actually prefer this much denser, flat-top brush because it fits the shape and size of my cheekbone perfectly. I highly recommend the MSFs from MAC - though they're pricey, I think they're definitely worth the investment.

My song of the month has been "Bare" from the musical by that same title. It's an amazing song, full of emotion and beautiful music. 

That concludes my July favorites! I'm sorry they're going up so late - I had the pictures taken on the first of August, but didn't get around to typing and arranging this post until today. What has been your favorite product this month?

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  1. Great post! Those OXY pads were my life in middle school. I should probably pick them up again!

    My favorite product has been highlighter. I use Benefit Moon Beam for now, but I'm on the lookout for a powder one! Lightscapade looks lovely so I might have to keep that in mind :)



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