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Today I'm doing a post that is a little different and about an issue I strongly believe in resolving. Today, one of my Facebook friends made a status about a website called "FreeRice" (I'll link it here). I visited the site and found that it was one that was made to help fight hunger across the world, in partnership with the World Food Programme (for more information on the WFP, click here). Basically, FreeRice is a website where you can answer trivia questions for free and for every question that you get right, this organization will donate ten grains of rice through the WFP. Though ten grains barely seems like any, it really adds up - I spent a mere 10-20 minutes answering questions on the site and donated 1570 grains.

There are many different subjects for the trivia - from English grammar to languages to mathematics to the Periodic Table of the Elements. There is a little something for everyone and the best part is that there are different levels to the trivia, so anyone and everyone can answer these questions.

Here is a quick little video I found from the FreeRice website, which explains, in a nutshell, their program.

You don't have to be registered to play - you can play as a guest. Registering only means that you can keep track of your totals for donations.

In total, 94 642 292 420 grains of rice have been donated. As of January 3, 2012, one million people were registered on FreeRice. Will you be one of them?

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