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Glymm Box Unboxing!

Today I've got a Glymm box unboxing! I love getting these monthly boxes but I have to cut off my subscription this month since it gets expensive. For anyone who has never heard of Glymm, it is like Birchbox for Canadians. It's a monthly box you recieve filled with 4-5 deluxe beauty samples for $10 a month plus tax. 

First of all, the box comes looking like this:

I would show the box it is shipped in but that has my address on it. However, it is completely hot pink as well.

Opening the box, you see a card and a ribbon tied around everything. 

These are the two cards that came in my box - one outlining the products, and one just talking about their "beauty boutique".

These are all of the samples I got in my box and how they came packaged. (Sorry for the blurry picture - I take my photos with an iPhone).

First, I got two of the Burt's Bees Milk and Honey body lotion. These $12.99 for a 170g bottle and the samples I got were 7mL each. Not a heck of a lot but I did get two of them, and I will be using these.

I also got a Cargo Eye Pencil in Black. I was kind of hoping I would get this in a brown colour (I looked at other people's unboxings!) but I'm pretty happy with the black. When you look at this product, it actually resembles a pencil crayon. It's also not a very soft eyeliner but I like that the black is a bit toned down, since I like more natural eyeliner. This is a full sized product and it retails for $16 - worth more than the box alone.

I also got a mini Anastacia Clear Brow Gel. This I'm really happy to try, since my brows are never really in the best shape. I also love the packaging. One thing I'm not pleased with, however, is the smell - it's quite strong. However, once applied, you can't smell it. This is a 0.085 oz sample and the full size is 0.28 oz, retailing for $21.

Next, I recieved this Vasanti BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator. I'm really not sure about this product but I will give it a go. The sample I got was 12g, which is pretty big, and the full size is 120 mL, retailing for $34.

Lastly, I got one makeup wipe. This is by the brand "juicy bamboo" and it's a cruelty free, natural, biodegradable cleansing cloth. We'll see how this goes - I always use makeup wipes so this will definitely get used. The full size is extremely pricey - $17.99 for 30 cloths! Guess that goes to show just how costly environmentally friendly can be. 

So that's my Glymm box! I think this one was a winner - lots of great products. There were 5 products in my box - and no jelly beans, like the other four boxes I had recieved. I guess the jars were breaking in the mail. I'm sad that this will be my last box but I definitely recommend this service to anyone.

If you're reading, have you tried out any beauty subscription services? If so, which?

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