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Model Talk: Who can be a model?

So, I thought I'd start a new series that I'd like to call "Model Talk". This is just essentially me explaining modelling as a profession and certain aspects of it.

Today I thought I'd just start out with a very basic topic - who can be a model? I find that a lot of people automatically assume that they can't model for anyone because they have a different body shape, weight, hair colour, or shoe size. I know I had a hard time understanding that I could be a model because I have two beauty marks on my face (I later learned that many celebrities have them too). Generally, models come in all shapes and sizes. If you look on the forever21 website, there models ranging from size zeros to size twelves. Models really are needed in all shapes and sizes.

However, that being said, if one were to model internationally, they would need to be a certain size. This is because designers only want to have to make one size of clothing, so if they need to switch models for some reason the clothes will fit everyone. Unfortunately, not everyone is 5'11 and a size two. That's one thing that can be incredibly frustrating with this industry.

Hair colour, eye colour, and skin colour make no difference as to whether or not someone has the potential to model. Apart from people that refuse to get in front of cameras, I think absolutely everyone can model - since every single person on this earth is beautiful in their own way. One important thing to note is that being healthy - no, not weight, but overall health - is a main contributing factor. If you lead a healthy lifestyle, then your whole body will benefit - your skin, your hair, your nails - everything. Another main factor that actually is quite obvious - confidence. If you look and feel confident, you will come off as being so much more beautiful.

So, if anyone reading this is thinking about entering this field of work, I definitely recommend it. It's not easy, but hey - you get your hair and makeup done every so often. It's lovely.

I'd recommend checking out what modelling agencies are active in your city, and checking to see if they have a website. Typically they will ask for potential models to send pictures in.

For those of you reading - would you ever consider modelling? Have you ever?

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