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Quick Tip: Cleaner Skin

Do you find yourself consistently cleansing your skin at night but still waking up with blemishes on your face in the morning? Well, this can be attributed to your age, your skin type, the time of the month, and many other factors. However, I have a special little trick that can ensure your skin is getting super clean every night.

If you don't take off your makeup at night, it will build up on your skin and clog your pores, causing acne and various other issues. However, even if you're using a cleanser, this may not be enough.

I do suggest investing in a small pore cleansing pad (these are sold at Sephora for $5, here) or even something bigger, like a Clarisonic. To ensure your skin is completely clean when you go to bed, however, I suggest first rinsing your skin in warm water, then cleansing, then rinsing with cold water. What this does is the warm water opens your pores, which allows the cleanser to get in them and clean well. The cold water closes them back up again so that if you get a faceful of toxins when you open the bathroom door, these will have a harder time sinking into your pores.

For those reading, do you have any skincare tips that you swear by?

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