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Project Pan!

Today I come to you all with something that is incredibly scary for me. A project pan. Honestly, it's not the fact that I can't buy makeup - it's the amount of products I picked out. I didn't realize how many I had until it was too late.

So, for those of you who don't know, Project Pan (sometimes referred to as Project 10 Pan) is an experience some people choose to embark on if they want to scale down the size of their makeup collection. Now, my makeup collection could all fit in a small train case if I had one to put it in, but I'm heading to Orlando, Florida for my birthday in a month and I'm planning on getting a few things, including the Naked2 palette and the NARS Danmari palette. And I really don't want to have very many blushes if I'm getting six new ones in one go.

Basically, one who chooses to do project pan will pick out a variety of items that they want to use up or hit pan on, and one the project has commenced that person is not allowed to purchase any makeup (or, in my case, makeup, body, and skincare) products until they have finished or hit pan on all of the items that they chose.

So these are all of the things I picked....

First off, for eye products, from left to right (skipping the big green eyeshadow palette in the center), I want to finish my Revlon Custom Eyes mascara (which I LOVE!), my Urban Decay Primer Potion, and try to finish my Smashbox Limitless eyeliner in Onyx. I think if this is the last product keeping me from finishing my project pan I'll just let it go, because I have a hard time finishing eyeliner. I also want to finish two to four shades in my Pixi Eye Beauty Kit in Mango, which should be pretty easy to do when you consider the massive pan spots visible.

These are the three blushes I want to finish. From left to right: Benefit's Dandelion, Benefit's Coralista, L'oreal Hip Cream Blush in Enamoured. I love the Benefit blushes and they shouldn't take too long to finish since they are sample sizes. The L'oreal blush will be more difficult since I really don't like the colour or formulation, but I can deal.

These are all lip products. From left to right, I want to finish my Buxom Lip Gloss in Dolly (which has very little left - this should be easy), my Rimmel Vintage Pink lipstick, my Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss in Apricot, and my Rimmel Lip Palette in Play it Loud (I don't recommend this. It has a very plastic-like smell that can be very off-putting. I received it for Christmas one year).

Sorry that this picture is sideways - something went wrong. From top to bottom, I want to finish my BBW Sweet Pea Forever body lotion (which is half done), my Make Up Forever Mist & Fix, my sample size YSL Parisienne perfume and Biotherm Eau de Paradis perfume, and my EOS lipbalm in Honeysuckle Honeydew.

Lastly, these are the face products I want to use up. From left to right, my Maybelline Fit ME! powder in 120 Classic Ivory, my L'oreal True Match Touche Magique Concealer, and my Maybelline Fit ME! concealer in 15 Fair.

That's it for my project pan - it's incredibly daunting. Just to let you all know, I plan on breaking it for when I go to Florida, because there is no way I'm going to the States without buying something for cheaper than at home. However, I plan to be diligent with my project this time (I've tried it in the past and never documented and always failed miserably), so we'll see how this goes.

For those reading, would you ever consider going on a project pan? How big are your makeup collections?

Wish me luck!

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